A Dating Deficit
Young women often complain that guys aren't interested in dating, or that they don't seem to see the point in it. They want to downplay it. What is going on?

Girls, should you flirt with guys? What will they think of you if you do? And how are you supposed to let a guy know you're interested in him?

What is 'hanging out'? How does it relate to 'hooking up'? And whatever happened to dating?

Guys and girls have a different sense of 'romantic time'. This can inadvertently cause hurt and confusion. What can you do about it?

The phenomenon of 'speed dating' says something about contemporary society. What can we learn from this phenomenon?

These days there is a great deal of dating advice on the internet. But what is going on in our society that affects the 'culture of dating'? How do single people find someone to marry? Why does it seem more difficult now.

In the world of dating advice you'll often come across the recommendation that a guy and a girl should learn to be 'just friends' first, rather than beginning with a romantic interest. How real is that?

Have you ever been on a date, or hanging out with someone in a somewhat romantic sense, but find yourself short of ideas on what to do? What did you do next?

There are lots of things on the web about dating. But what about the other 'quasi-romantic' scenarios that we don't really have a word for?

Dating advice often assumes that people have someone to confide in to help them deal with the issues and feelings that arise. But what if that's not the case?

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