We can throw some light on men and women’s different ways of dealing with emotion by considering two different ‘conversational templates’: drawing out and chipping in.

One of the most common pieces of relationship advice you will hear is men being advised not to try and 'solve' a woman's feelings, but to simply listen. Why is that?

Most people now would be familiar with the term 'hook-up culture'. In the not too distant past there was a more developed 'dating culture', but in many places that has largely disappeared.

As a guy wanting to meet girls and hoping for a more serious relationship there is one thing you really need to do. Get yourself sorted out.

This article refers to the absence of a 'dance culture' among men in some Western cultures, as well as to men's lack of 'resonance' with what might be called 'romantic dance'.

When it comes to relationships girls seem to be 'on a mission'. It's not the same with guys. So what is it with girls?

Why do we celebrate good looks more than pleasing personality? Do we get the balance right? In this article we look more closely at the kind of things we celebrate.

Most people don't seem to have a natural affinity for mathematics. It requires a different kind of thinking, more demanding and harder to cotton on to. For many people socialising is like maths.

'Plan A' is spontaneous. You don't have to think and work to get the girl/guy of your dreams but somehow it all just works out. Yeah, in your dreams.

Girls, should you flirt with guys? What will they think of you if you do? And how are you supposed to let a guy know you're interested in him?

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