The St. Valentine's Club
This article proposes a core strategy for those wanting to promote a more beautiful culture of relations between men and women, to achieve the same goals as Man+Woman.

A Cultural Vacuum
The rise of gender confusion points to a cultural vacuum – a significant absence of the celebration of the complementarity of the sexes. Meeting this challenge requires clear, valued, public affirmation of the positive good of the complementarity of the sexes and is best done through celebration.

Attraction as an End in Itself
We commonly tend to think of 'sexual attraction' as essentially oriented towards directly sexual activity. It seems to be simply a way for people to work out who to marry, and within that to be part of the couple's intimate life. But the attraction between the sexes has a second, fundamental purpose.

Beautiful, or Sexy?
When women present themselves in a way they hope is attractive to men, what are they aiming for? Is it to be beautiful? Or sexy? Or something in between?

Making Sense of 'Sexy'
What do people mean when they say 'sexy'? In some ways it is obvious and in other ways it's not. Here are some different angles on the question of sexiness.

We can throw some light on men and women’s different ways of dealing with emotion by considering two different ‘conversational templates’: drawing out and chipping in.

One of the most common pieces of relationship advice you will hear is men being advised not to try and 'solve' a woman's feelings, but to simply listen. Why is that?

Most people now would be familiar with the term 'hook-up culture'. In the not too distant past there was a more developed 'dating culture', but in many places that has largely disappeared.

As a guy wanting to meet girls and hoping for a more serious relationship there is one thing you really need to do. Get yourself sorted out.

A Dating Deficit
Young women often complain that guys aren't interested in dating, or that they don't seem to see the point in it. They want to downplay it. What is going on?

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