One of the most common pieces of relationship advice you will hear is men being advised not to try and 'solve' a woman's feelings, but to simply listen. Why is that?

When it comes to relationships girls seem to be 'on a mission'. It's not the same with guys. So what is it with girls?

Is a 'comfortable' marriage a good or a bad thing? On the one hand isn't that what we all want? On the other hand we can get complacent. What is the right balance?

It is easy for married couples to slip into a pattern of relationship that is all about the practical part of life - work, chores, kids. While there are many pressures that push in that direction, spouses have to try and avoid falling into the 'practicality trap'.

What is the difference between being selfish and being self-centred? Why is understanding this difference important in relationships? We often use these terms interchangeably, but there is a real distinction.