Most people now would be familiar with the term 'hook-up culture'. In the not too distant past there was a more developed 'dating culture', but in many places that has largely disappeared.

'Theology of the Body' (TOB) is the term commonly used to refer to a body of teaching by Pope St John Paul II on the nature of sexuality. How does the approach taken in "Man+Woman" Magazine relate to the 'theology of the body'?

I will use this 'editorial' section to comment on overall matters related to what I am trying to do with "Man+Woman" Magazine.

You might come across some things here at "Man+Woman" Magazine that seem a bit like spelling out the obvious. But there are some good reasons for that.

It's not easy to explain briefly the scope of "Man+Woman" Magazine is about. In various ways it is about the supportive context that enables more harmonious relationships between men and women.

Our culture's notions of masculinity and femininity are currently confused. This article focuses on the need to build a culture of more harmonious and beautiful relations between men and women.